posted November 30th, 2010

Regular readers of this space are thoroughly aware of what the Israeli power trio Monotonix can do to move a crowd: they can literally move the crowd with the force of their convictions - their convictions and their hairy, sweaty bodies, which when thrust forth with the power of rock, can push an assemblage all the way across the room.

Part of this phenomenally moving ability can be explained by Monotonix's preference to set up their drums and guitar and vocal mic on the floor of whatever venue in which they play. They feel that their best chance to rock the crowd is from within, and time and again it has proven to be true. The crowd rocks better, harder and more fully with the band among them - and the moments where the crowd participates in the show by moving the kit around or even lifting it into the air with Haggai as well, these are ecstatic moments, these are the times when you love rock and roll because it does this to people, and you feel so alive.

It may surprise or disappoint some to hear that Montonix are masters of crowd control; they're not like Iggy Stooge or GG Allin, they want everyone to have fun and not get all fucked up. Well, maybe get soaked with sweat or beer, but that's about where the line is drawn. Lead singer Ami has done this often enough to work the dynamics of the show in order to keep things from going over the edge, while at the same time seeming like a complete freakout. This is an impressive feat and it makes us all the more upset that Monotonix won't be playing tonight at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles with Faith No More. The Fire Marshall won't allow it to happen, it's a fire hazard.

While we sympathize with the ongoing battle to keep concertgoers alive on a nightly basis, we'd like to invite the Fire Marshall and his staff to a Monotonix show so that they can see the difference between a fire hazard and a real good time. Meanwhile, we're hoping that the good people of LA understand that this wasn't what anybody wanted. Monotonix will see all of you next time - but don't panic, not even when you see the whites of their eyes!