posted January 5th, 2011

Drag City welcomes you to 2011, the year of the apps. Oh wait, apps have been around for a while, huh? OK, genious, how often have you heard of a Drag City artist toting a fresh app for your little pocket do-mab watchajiggy? Leave it to "America's Funnyman" to be the first with an iFon application. We hear it's pretty simple - download the app, then anytime you're faced with a "yes or no" situation, shake the fuck outta your phone and Neil will tell you which way to do. It's just like a Magic 8-Ball (app?). Get yours now, here, after you visit our Neil Hamburger page where you can purchase real, tangible Neil Hamburger audio-visual objects that will influence your life in directions you'd hoped were never possible!

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