posted January 6th, 2011

As the rich carpet of the future unrolls before us, the rich tapestry of the past is increasingly available to us with little regard for time and space! Case in point: this awesome site where you can find NY-based live events of all kinds that have been captured for posterity much in the manner of what we once called “bootleggers.” But to paraphrase Jerry, once we’re done with it, it’s all theirs — and this was the word of Bonny after having performed for the kids and cameras in Hoboken, NJ way back on December 7th of aught-ten. Experience it now as if you were there yourself — primitive, we know, but the virtual future of live holographic recordings isn’t quite here yet!

If this ain’t enuf for you, or if you desire your space-time alterted Bonnie in a different, more expansive, conversational and insane color, check out Fogged Clarity — in audio and visual reproduction, for your convenience.

Artists in this story: Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & The Cairo Gang