Sick New Video From Sic(k) New Al(p)bum

posted January 18th, 2011

Wot, Seasonal Affected Disorder coming into full effect for you? Wondering if maybe you need a clinical getaway? Check yourself into Napa Asylum! Yes, Napa Asylum, the crisp new double (gatefold) LP from Sic Alps. On CD too, natch. The first Sic Alps album of all new material for Drag City, I said! G'Damn we're excited. To celebrate the occasion, in addition to shipping these big bad babies to stores and distributors world wide this week, plus assisting with a forthcoming USA tour, we have a special present. The 'Alps have just delivered us a fine-as-fuck video for the track "My My Lai," which you'll find upon check-in at (or purchase of, whatever) Napa Asylum. Jam it here, first!

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