Menthol Mountain Man

posted January 27th, 2011

Menthol mountains, menthol mountains... Cigarette brand you've never heard of? Well, it is if you're into smoking the freshly rolled prose of David Berman. Silver dude's got a new blog to keep up with the times, and he's posting regularly-- as in multiple times a day-- which is news, even if you already knew. Because in this day and age, unless you've got a healthy adderol prescription or limited choices due to strict parental control on your computer (how old are you, anyway? Didn't the site ask you on your way in?), seems like you need to be constantly reminded which web pages are worth coming back to every day. What wonder will the leader of the Silver Jews unleash on us next? Check in hourly! And in between Berman posts, try to remember the good ol' days when David Berman made records of inutterably human music.

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