Tripping In Spain

posted February 3rd, 2011

The Trip, as laid out by Laetitia Sadier, just keeps on a-trippin'! Our songstress is still on tour, and turning to Iberia, where she is set to open her suitcase in more cities that we thought Spain could possibly allow for such an excursion. We can't say whether you'll get to see her in a red cape or not, but she surely won't be fighting-- or taking-- any bull, so don't expect to be gored, weirdo! Nope, just expect to feel enraptured should you be a lucky local Spaniard-- flamenco fans included-- in one of the towns listed below. The first show isn't for another week, but as a good label, Drag City keeps you ahead of the game:

2/11/11 12&Medio Murcia Spain
2/12/11 Centre de Cultura Sa Nostra Palma Mallorca Spain
2/13/11 Four Seasons Castellón Spain
2/15/11 La [2] de Apolo Barcelona Spain
2/16/11 La Lata de Bombillas Zaragoza Spain
2/17/11 Neu Club Madrid Spain
2/20/11 Sinsal Santiago de Compostela Spain
2/21/11 Teatro Principal Zamora Zamora Spain
2/23/11 Teatro Municipal "Pedro Muñoz Seca" El Puerto de Sta. Maria Spain

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