posted February 4th, 2011

The Source Family Awarehouse at Drag City is alive with chanting, courtesy of a newly received disc the sacred and the profound from Father and the original Source Family (the original, mind you — not any of them knock-off Source brotherhoods that are popping up on every corner these days). Haven't you noticed? The Drag City family is all about family — the Bonny familiy, the Faun-y family and so forth. And we don't source it out, either — no, the true path to enlightenment comes from within; within the familiar confines of brother and sister, mother and father, children and seniors, lovers and bandmates. Leaves of enlightenment branch forth from the family tree.

With this in mind that we present you with the new CD, Chants and Songs by Father and the Original Source Family. Listen to the brotherhood, complete with sisters, brothers, children and Father, as they guide you reassuringly through a typical morning meditation at "The Sun Palace." Indeed ahead of their time, these recordings were made on a fashionable, lo-fi home recording device (anticipating "the year that scuzz broke," 2011) and have only now been remastered to simply preserve fidelity. Sing it from your gut — YaHoWha!

And while you're singing from your gut, make sure your gut is fashionably attired in the latest Source Family t-shirt! Designed by Kim Seltzer and Isis Aquarian, the Drag City Legacy Tee draws inspiration from Isis' vision of a new merging of polarities. And with a double-sided t-shirt, you're really getting two halves for the price of one! It comes in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes, so keep an open mind instead of pulling your stomach in, alright?

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