Regifted Light and Cinema Night

posted March 7th, 2011

2011: Are you bored yet? Wondering what's on tap on for this month? In Dragcityland, lots! For one, Baby Dee has gifted us a new album, Regifted Light, that, with production help from Andrew WK, is gonna hit you where it counts on March 22nd. But before you take the blow, we suggest you mosey on over to the Gene Siskel Film Center here in Chicago to see To Die Like A Man, showing as part of the European Union Film Festival Saturday, March 12, at 8:45 pm and Wednesday, March 16, at 7:45 pm. Why? Because, Baby Dee has gifted the film with one of her songs, that's why! The tune, "Cavalry," happens to play during what's been called by critics "the single most elevating theme" of the flick following it's screening at Cannes! So do it, man, and preorder the single most elevating record coming out in March, Regifted Light!

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