High Llamas Class In Session!

posted March 17th, 2011

On April 19th, Drag City puffs out its collective bosom to proudly unveil the latest (and arguably greatest) masterwork from the High Llamas, Talahomi Way. To warm everyone up, head Llama Sean O'Hagan will don his professorial wizard hat and provide Londoners with a unique opportunity: the chance to learn all his magical tricks and slights of hand. This Sunday at 7:30pm, Sean will give a FREE lecture at Proud Camden as part of the London Shortcutz series - wherein he'll attempt to put his arranging expertise, writing and recording acumen, and general musical prowess into layman's terms for his fellow countrymen. This is your chance, budding film scorer, song-writer, musical arranger-- all you heads and all your friends-- to pick the brain of one of our generations finest.

The High Llamas have been producing their one-of-a-kind beauty for some 18 years, and we occasionally get the feeling that people still don't know shit! Don't believe the lazy-ass critics, the Llamas aren't simply some Beach Boys rehash for the world's ears: these guys are constantly growing and re-inventing themselves (and music at large) with an insistence not unlike the urgency found in punk rock. The Llamas push as many boundaries sonically and grab your balls just as tightly as some of the more aggressive bands out there-- they happen to do it with a quiet cool, is all. A state of mind to stay under your skull, not under your radar. And now that it's on your radar, we'll see you at Shortcutz!

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