Let There Be Light — Regifted Light!

posted March 22nd, 2011

Onwards toward Regifted Light, y'all — The new Baby Dee record officially drops today! To celebrate, we gots a slick, commercial animation to pimp, utilizing the amazing album artwork provided by Dutch artist, Christina De Vos.

The album shines new rays on Dee's multitude of talents, as well as her ever-growing list of admiring collaborators: all songs were recorded using the grand piano given to Dee by none other than Andrew WK, who produced the album. We've let Regifted Light blaze here at DCHQ all during Chi-town's miserable March and needless to say it made our days here a helluva lot brighter. Therefore, we encourage you to put your shades on, lay some greenbacks down for Regifted Light, and let your future brighten up, too!!

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