posted April 2nd, 2011

Hey Gang!

We're about to release our first-ever audio-book! So let's talk about a special promotion for our second-ever audio book, shall we?

Later this month, Rudolph Wurlitzer's Slow Fade (as read by Will Oldham) will become available. But in June, the original Drag City hip paperback, Neil Hagerty's inner-outer space science opera, Victory Chimp, will hit streets and other places in newly-rendered audio book form. It is for this vision-inducing, cross-pollinating work of media that we are holding a contest in order to induce the best possible 30-second advertising spot for the June 21, 2011 release of Victory Chimp - the audiobook!

The prize is going to be, first of all, multiple dollars worth of Drag City merchandise of your choice. Why, you might even be able to count the dollars-worth on both of your hands! But the real prize will be that the winning entry will be used as the ad for the book on cable TV with full credit to the winner etc. Also the ad will be online and therefore ubiquitous, no?

The process for entry into the Victory Chimp Audio Book Advert Contest is as follows: download the audio track here. PLEASE NOTE: submissions have to be sent in as a hard copy on USB drive or disc, thus favoring "serious" attempts at industrial-commercial film making. In other words, we're really looking for good stuff not just attempting a social media stunt, as it were. Entries will be posted on DC's YouTube channel where they will be voted upon by all interested parties. And finally, the winner will know the pleasure of having their commercial broadcast on a cable network yet to be named at a time slot yet to be imagined.

Send your submission to:

Victory Chimp Vid-Quest Drag City Inc. 2000 W. Carroll Ave. #201 Chicago IL 60612

As mentioned above, the release date for Neil Hagerty's Victory Chimp audio book is June 21st. Until then, you can follow the building excitement for the release here at Drag City or at Victory Chimp's exclusive Twitter feed. The deadline for submitting an incredible accompaniment to the audio we're supplying you with is June 1st. You have until then to change the future of the advertising industry.

We know you can do it, but only you can prove it. We're waiting...