posted April 14th, 2011

Bert Jansch is state-side again, performing his own songs on guitar in immaculate , as his legend requires - he just happens to be schooling Neil Young again while he does it! Don't you feel that feeling in your hip bones? They seem to act up every time the Sunshine Boys of the new electric church of the 1960s hit the road agin', as they've been doing most of the past year. Yep, the Jansch/Young tour starts tomorrow in Durham, NC, rides up the east coast for a bit, then heads on over towards DCHQ, finally landing in Chicago in May! This tour is can't miss if you've got the opportunity! Bert's a total legend, for those of you just born today on the internet: a guitarist so virtuosic he's been ripped off by other prestigious axe-wielders like Led Zeppelin's master saggy-face, Jimmy Page. Even Neil Young hisself, revealing his good taste, sez so: "Bert Jansch is the best acoustic guitarist; he's my favourite anyway. For electric guitar, I'd say Jimi Hendrix. But as for acoustic guitar, Bert Jansch is on the same level as Jimi. That first record of his is epic. It came from England, and I was especially taken by "The Needle of Death," such a beautiful and angry song..." Well, we can't really disagree, except by saying that Bert's most recent records (and reissues) are similarly epic! Snatch them up at the merch table on this tour, or snag one or several from our Jansch-shoppe!

Sure, tickets are a little expensive, but when you consider that a combined 133 years of muscle memories (and who knows how many more hundreds of Childe-balled based musical knowledge) are on display at each one of their shows, along with the ghost of Jimi onstage (note: visibility depends upon the strength of your medically-mandated stash). Some of the shows are already sold out! Though Ticketmaster would be the last to know about this, it seems. Yeah, why sell a show out when you can sell it twice? Just bypass Big Brother and get some scalped tix out in front of the venue of your choice, just like the last time Neil played The Fillmore...wasn't Bert opening with Pentangle that night? Shit, we can't remember, does that mean we weren't there? We can't remember!

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