Stone Cold Baird

posted April 15th, 2011

Praise be! Sweet-singing songbird Meg Baird's busily working on a new record; in conjunction, she's made it a point to get things happening live, too, for the people (her fans, our people, you) and will do so tomorrow night, at The Stone in New York. What will she do? Play new originals? Shred on some extended versions of fan favorites? Cover herself, covering others? Cover others' covers of songs she's covered? Shit, we don't know...hopefully all of the above and more so! However she plays it, we do know it's damn fine that someone in the world is playing an honest gig, instead of parasitically piggy-backing themselves onto some commercial record store holiday created by hallmark. Kick in some Fursaxa featuring Helena Espvall on the same bil, and we're stoked!

What's rad, too, is that this show Meg is playing is actually part of a series (guest curated by some guy from that '80s band Sonic Youth... are you old enough to remember them? They had potential.) that will host Magik Markers' very own Elisa Ambrogio on Saturday, April 30th, a bill she'll share with Major Stars' very own, Kate Biggars. If you're like us, you're thinking total shredageddon, right? Fuck right! What a world we live in! Too bad we can't be at these shows... but it's your world, too - so let us live vicariously though you, and get yer ass over to the Stone, for four ladies of Drag City on two bills!

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