posted April 18th, 2011

We're puffed to announce a literary event that does not exclude illiterate Drag City fans (stand tall kids, you're not wrong - books can be lame!) Beginning Tuesday, April 26th, the SLOW FADE READING TOUR launches. And how! Start salivating, dogs: reading from the undersung Rudolph Wurlitzer classic will be none other than Will Oldham. Accompanying him on guitar? That would be Ben Chasny of Six Organs of Admittance. How the fuck do these men find the time? Between releasing critically acclaimed albums like Six Organs' Asleep On The Floodplain and Bonnie (& Cairo)'s benifit-Haiti 10" single, plus subsequent 6OOA touring and additional BPB 10" record making (collabs with Matt Sweeney, a real handful!), they're able to join forces to make the most exciting book reading tour ever imagined? Well, that's why they're on Drag City, we guess. We only work with blue-collars.

But now, what is Slow Fade? Sure, we've just released it as a 5xCD audio book (featuring Will Oldham, not-so-coincidentally), but do you get it? It's the dark and humorous novel about the unshakeably transient worlds of movies and rock n' roll, accounted through the cultural lens of the 1970s, son! Doesn't that sound like the life you want to lead? Or at least sound like the book you want read to you? In addition to writing Slow Fade, Rudolph Wurlitzer wrote the 1969 cult-classic, Nog, and one of our personal-favorite yuk-and-shudder-fests Quake plus, scripted or helped script films such as Two-Lane Blacktop, Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid, and Little Buddha. Our audio-book is a lazer-like performance by Will Oldham and D.V. DeVincentis, but in person it's gonna have not just Will plus Ben, but also a slide-show of incredible images from renowned photographer Lynn Davis, in a rare non-gallery exhibition that is only gonna increase the cinmatic redolence in the air at these events. Plus, fuck all that noise -- Elisa Ambrogio (Magik Markers) is opening too! Really amazing! That's all we can say for now. We're gulping for air! And you should be gulping to get in the room at the few shows we've got scheduled, below:

4/26/11The Coolidge Corner Theatre Brookline MA (Wayne Rogers (Major Stars) will read with Will!)*^

4/27/11Montague Bookmill Montague MA (noted scribe Byron Coley will read with Will)*

4/28/11Basilica Hudson Hudson NY (joined by The Man Himself: Rudolph Wurlitzer!!!)*

4/29/11Spoonbill & Sugartown Brooklyn NY (Will accompanied by Alan Licht!)*

4/29/11Anthology Film Archives New York NY(Will accompanied by Alan Licht!)

(*) = opening reading by Elisa Ambrogio (Magik Markers)

(^) = For more Will Oldham, visit ArtsEmerson where they will be playing OLD JOY, starring Oldham, and ODE, featuring a soundtrack by Oldham, as part as a Kelly Reichardt film program on April 30 & May 1.

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