posted April 22nd, 2011

You're an art student, right? Focus in film, perhaps? Even if you simply dabble in the world of video editing or just chop shit up for youtube every time you run out of physical substances to chop, we're going to put you to use, and do so with reward. Neil Hagerty, in addition to his musical prowess, is a freak of a writer! His coming-of-age, chimp-as-psychic-slave-of-humans, sci-fi novel, Victory Chimp, is currently rolling it's way through production as the latest Drag City book to receive audio book treatment. We'll be advertising the audio book on cable television in advance of it's release on June 21st, which is where your video-making ability comes into play.

So yeah, as previously mentioned, Drag City is now accepting submissions for the Victory Chimp Audio Book Advert Contest! Everyone is free to enter, but please note, we will only accept hard copy submissions-- on a disc, or USB drive or whatever-- which you'll actually have to send us through the mail. Other than that, it's wide open and up to you to send us your most excellent attempt at putting this designated audio track to video. Download it!

The winner will be rewarded with a yet-to-be-determined amount of Drag City merchandise of your choosing, for free. But surely you'll find greater fulfillment in the knowledge that your commercial will run on actual cable television, on actual TVs, with full credit. Not to mention its placement on the interweb, where we'll be using it to promote the shit out of the Victory Chimp audio book. Done right (or oh so wrong), this one may elevate your sweaty career leg above the heads of your closest competition; it's up to you, sport!

Deadline for submission is June 1st! Please send physical material and contact information to:

Victory Chimp Vid-Quest Drag City Inc. 2000 W. Carroll Ave. #201 Chicago IL 60612