posted April 26th, 2011

Whoa, ever since he brought an early Apocalypse our way a couple weeks ago, Bill Callahan's threatening to just keep on riding with the four horsemen. Thus far, the devastation appears headed towards the countries of olde; yep, you guessed it: we're on the brink of an Apocalyptic European tour! Or is that a European tour of Callahan's Apocalypse? Kinda changes things, doesn't it? For the better! Because far be it from us to confuse! So essentially, we're talking about music played live in venues across several, close-knit countries with diverse languages. This music will be played by ol' Billy C and his touring band. And so, the Apocalypse tour finally begins! We can't promise it leads to the glorious demise of 2012 we're all expecting, but you can't fault a lone man for trying to pull it off, huh? Things (as in "Apocalypse touring things") begin in Dublin May 5, with fellow Drag City recording artist Ms. Sophia Knapp opening all dates! Sophia will have an armful of 7" records, her latest effort for Drag City, to dole out on the road. See, we're not all doom and gloom, we like to present you with some treats, too — on the way to your DOOM.

Just kiddin'. Apocalypse is the latest accolade-accumulatin' full-length from our baritoned bard, and any departures from, connections to, or extensions of previous albums simply do not apply -- Apocalypse stands on its own accord, as well as in universal harmony within the captivatin' cannon of Callahan's body. Of work, people - of work. Hark! Apocalypse rides on, to the following cities:

May 5 - Dublin, Ireland @ Academy
May 6 - Manchester, England @ Central Methodist Hall
May 7 - Glasgow, Scotland @ Glasgow School of Art
May 9 - London, England @ The Barbican
May 10 - Bristol, England @ Bristol Trinity
May 12 - Cologne, Germany @ Stadt Garten
May 13 - Frankfurt, Germany @ Brotfabrik
May 14 - Hamburg, Germany @ Café Keese
May 15 - Berlin, Germany @ Astra Kulturhaus
May 17 - Brussels, Belgium @ Theatre 140
May 18 - Amsterdam, Netherlands @ De Duif
May 19 - Lille, France @ Aéronef
May 20 - Paris, France @ Le Café de la Danse
May 21 - San Sebastian, Spain @ Teatro Principal
May 23 - Barcelona, Spain @ Bikini Barcelona
May 24 - Madrid, Spain @ Sala Heineken
May 25 - Seville, Spain @ Salo Cosmos

[All dates with Sophia Knapp]

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