posted April 27th, 2011

YEAH, man! Listen: we're big on secrets here at Drag City, especially big secrets! Nothing gives us greater pleasure than pulling the wool over your eyes, spinning you around, slapping you in areas of our choosing, and then dangling you over a cliff before de-mystifying the living FUCK out of you. So, without further ado - but first, one more slap - here's yet another little something that you'll want to know all about but didn't know jack-squat fer nuthin' until now. That's right - Ty Segall is playing a FREE, SECRET (well, until now) show at NYC's very own KCDC Skate Shop tomorrow, at 6PM! And it's not exclusive to skaters; they'll welcome all yer faithful, whether surfing, walking, biking, roller-blading and/or gas-pedaling. Even you, quadruped!

Ty's brand-awesome-new 7" single, "I Can't Feel It," comes out May 17th!

In case you're still reeling from our evil machinations, here's the facts:

Ty Segall (solo), 6PM
KCDC Skate Shop
90 N 11th St
(between Wythe Ave & Berry St)
Brooklyn, NY 11211


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