posted April 29th, 2011

Earth people! Jesus People! Secularities! There's something in the air today!

...and for the next two weeks as well, as the extraterrestrial sounds of Bachelorette touch down at carefully selected locations on our planet's surface. Her fiendish plan is to lose herself in the crowd at various club appearances where the musical singing group Peter Bjorn and John are scheduled to perform. Bachelorette will appear before the unsuspecting crowd an hour or so before PB&J take the stage and clear the minds of the audience with a few deft musical moves of her own. Where does the information go? Well, given Annabel "Bachelorette" Alpers' soulful lyrical insights and her uncanny ability to score them with synthetic sounds that replicate the beats of our human, all-too-human heart.

And then after that, she's playing some gigs in the UK! Don't miss Bachelorette on these dates - and if you're not up for standing around with a bunch of PB&J-heads, then catch Bachelorette at Brooklyn's glasslands gallery on May 4th! It's her only solo headlining gig in America - until next time, after everyone's heard her sublime new album, self-titled as all game-changing records are.

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