Scouting About Europe

posted May 4th, 2011

Whoa-ho, is it the first of May already? The fifith? Fuck, these calendars are so chock full of holidays over in Europe and the UK, we almost forgot it's Scout Niblett European Tour Kick-off Appreciation Day! Good thing all you folks who made it out to B92 in Belgrade for the first show last night were on top of things! Budapest, let's keep up the trend and continue the celebration -- you've got next! In fact, for the next 10 days Scout'll be strumming across the continent - but given that Belgrade and Budapest aren't on every Drag City fan's radar, we want you to know that we're building bridges to these places. Everywhere deserves a little Niblett. After this bit of international diplomacy, Paris, Dublin, London, Munich better get out and support, so we continue to give you all the attention you've started taking for granted! Just kidding. No, but seriously. Plus, Scout's got the last batch of her Calcination Of... LPs in tote; it's up to YOU to be that lucky customer! Get outta your caves and catch some killer stripped-to-th'-bone jamage, Scout Niblett live is a jolly gobsmacking affair!

5/4/11 B92 Belgrade Serbia and Montenegro
5/5/11 Trafó Budapest Hungary
5/6/11 Make Or Break Festival @ Feierwerk Munich Germany
5/7/11 Raetschenmuehle Geislingen Germany
5/9/11 Cafe de la Danse Paris France
5/10/11 Le Temps Machine Tours France
5/11/11 Les Ateliers Claus Brussels Belgium
5/12/11 Cargo London United Kingdom
5/13/11 Future Everything Festival @ Kraak Galleries Manchester United Kingdom
5/14/11 Whelans Dublin Ireland

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