posted May 12th, 2011

Where's ol' Bill Callahan? He's out riding through Europe on his Apocalypse tour, leaving scorched earth and either broken or sold records in his flaming wake! Classic venues like London's Barbican are falling, one by one, selling every ticket and unloading hoards of merch, like his debut novel from last year, which as a musical-cum-literary personality, Bill has the temerity to sell (and sell and sell) at his shows. Yep, Bill Callahan is striking while Apocalypse is still smoking hot, pulling tears and cheers out of the the assembled throngs ever' damn night!

It's early going, but the latest twist in the ever-twisting trail of Apocalypse is the sudden, welcome debut of the video for "Riding For The Feeling," which surfaced on a website called "Vice" yesterday. We know you spend most of your time on our web site, though, and may have missed seeing it elsewhere. Happy to lend a hand, we present it to you now! Created by Archie Radkins and based on the work of Max Galyon, it's a super-zoned out trip, perfect for your current allergy-fuzz haze. Dig it!