posted May 13th, 2011

WOW!!! Chicago, whatta you got going on tomorrow? Cancel it! Sic Alps are back in town and they've got a sic (sic) (hyuk) amount of shows planned for the next 36 hours! It's all a part of their new "Just Don't Say No" credo put into full freakin' action, and we, the residents of Chicago, are the recipients of the bounty.

The dates are all listed here on our website, but if you're keeping score at home, we'll give it to you straight: it's a live-on-air radio show tonight on WHPK, a festival gig tomorrow afternoon down in Hyde Park at U of C, an instore at Wicker Park's Permanent Records a little later on in the day and finally, a house party "around in the corner" (as we say "in the hood")

What, no club gig? Sic Alps, you're losing a step! Your cadence is off! Your rhymes are wack! And we love it. See you at a show or three tomorrow -