posted May 19th, 2011

Mickey Newbury is 71 today, and just because he's no longer with us physically doesn't mean we can't celebrate with a little moonshine and a moon howl in remembrance! From where ever he is currently, you know he's doing the same! Surely he's pleased as punch with the fact that a whole new generation of fans (that's YOU) are digging into his greatest albums. For the non-informed, Drag City just reissued Looks Like Rain , 'Frisco Mabel Joy, and Heaven Help the Child on LP, sourced from the original tapes. These classic Newbury jams from some 40-odd years ago, along with Better Days, a collection of rarities and demo outtakes that is critical to the initiated, have also been compiled in a limited edition box set on CD. In the upper-echelon of song-writing (dude had 4 different songs charting in 4 different charts at one time), many are familiar with his tunes but not with the man who actually wrote them. The idea here is to change all that-- get in touch, sing a little Happy Birthday, Mickey, grab somma dat 'shine, and snag somma dem rekkids, before they gone!