The End Of Days Are Near So FUK IT ?

posted May 20th, 2011

Man, the world's gonna end Saturday? Fuck that, no way! Assuming we're gonna make it through this last-day-on-Earth business, could there ever be a better way to celebrate than by seeing Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & The Cairo Gang live, outside, at the dawn of summer, for FREE? No fuckin' way we're wrong, and you know it! But damn, did you know it's actually happening? Cuz it is! Dat's right, Monday, May 23rd, at 6:30pm at Pritzker Pavillion in Chicago, you get Bonn' n' th' 'Gang preachin' it to the people, should the people remain what need preachin' to! It's cool, you can wear your Nikes and your jump suits, Bonnie don't mind; Cairo neither! Grab a blanket and your drug of choice -- living forever's gonna be a gas!