Who Will Claim Victory in the Victory Chimp Commercial Contest?

posted June 2nd, 2011

After an intense reviewing process involving tireless scrutiny and criticism (mostly self-), Drag City's A/V division has narrowed the Howling Hex Victory Chimp, A Book Commercial contest down to five (5) special applicants! As DCHQ makes every attempt to live as one community, in and amongst its very own people, we give you, the beloved cog in our machine, the chance to praise or chastise the work of these chosen few yourself on this special Victory Chimp, A Book Audio Book Commercial Competition section of the Drag City Youtube page! Yes, you'll therefore help determine the nature of our commercial campaign for the Victory Chimp, A Book Audio Book release. Your vote may or may not count towards our final decision, that's for us to decide! This event lasts until Monday, June 6th; at which point we'll announce the winner, get their 'mercial up on the tele, and shower them with tiny gifts! Thanks to all the hundreds of applicants not chosen for placement in our final five, we're sorry to announce that you just don't have your shit together yet - keep on practicing!