posted June 14th, 2011

Ah, what we'll do for laughs. Sure, we put out comedic records, books, and tapes, and the occasional limited edition deluxe-ly packaged CD, but there's more to living and laughing than physical product, isn't there? If you really want to touch someone, why not do it in person, like person-to-person? Or at least face-to-face? Well, that's why Drag City started The People Under The Stares in the first place -- to fucking touch you til you laugh out loud like, which in turn jiggles our giggles. It's the most mutually beneficial interaction we can think of!

To the point, TPUTS returns for a second round of the second go-round this Thursday, June 16, at the Hideout here in Chicago with a butt-ful of talent -- the superbuzzing Charlyne Yi! Chappelle's Show co-creater Neal Brennan! DJ Doggpound! and Chicago's own, Lisa Laureta! Go ahead, pick up advance tix! We at The People Under The Stares lay foundations for those about to become household names, so why wait to be told by some corporate poseur how to laugh, when we're telling you know?