posted June 20th, 2011

Paperback books are great for the beach, for your purse, for your religious stuff, but not for your shelf! That's way uncouth, man. The sluts (ahem! The PC term is "dudes" — ed.) don't dig dog eared pages with your own personal notes written in the margins like "Oh my god so true" and "possible motif keep an eye out" —they wanna know you're not as dumb as they are, but they don't wanna fuck the Dead Poets Society either. At least not all of them"¦at the same time...maybe just Ethan Hawke.

That's why we made two versions of Rudolph Wurlitzer's Slow Fade. The paperback one is for your solo trips to Pizza Hut, but this hardcover one is for your library. And not that curated shelf in your living room where everyone can see your taste. Whoa, see your taste? That's fucking heavy for all you acid heads, eh? Whoa. That's actually fucking heavy for us too...

Point is, two copies of the same book can be a hard decision, but Mr. Wurlitzer made it easy on you —he autographed every single damn copy of the hardcover edition. In cursive! Or 'joined-up writing,' as you United Kingdom types refer to it. If you've never tried the longhand method, pick two Slow Fades up and start reading and writing! Until we get the Drag City correspondence courses started up again, Rudolph Wurlitzer will be your teacher. With Slow Fade, he is anyway.