posted June 30th, 2011

Want to really party this Independence Day weekend? Good, cuz Ty Segall is throwing a major bash over at The Independent, the fittingly named venue in San Francisco this Saturday, July 2nd! What's it all about? It's certainly not about the fucking 4th, man; no, this show's a celebration of real independence as Ty generously imparts Goodbye Bread, his ass-spanking new LP, upon all of you in the free world to enjoy. Truth: Goodbye Bread isn't just America's record, it's one for the every people! Get over it, England, you don't control shit outside of your own snotty island. Now get in step with the rest of us and hold hands, mmmk? Like those in Australia, where Ty turns his touring sights soon. Everybody, how about doing the patriotic thing? Help jump start your own country's failing economy by parting with some bread: pick it up at this or one of the many Ty Segall shows across the globe this year! Hell, pick it up from us!

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