posted July 1st, 2011

Again and again, AMERICA! Yeah, that special weekend is upon us. In ever-patriotic style, Colonel Bill Callahan got something special for all y'all Drag City troopers: the new video for Apocalypse center-piece, "America!" Timing is everything, ain't it? Hell yes! That is exactly what timing is, everything. So for just a few little minutes, put down your damn bottle rockets and strip off your Uncle Sam mask so's you can fully revel in the eye-popping mini-drama this profusely animated beauty detonates onto your screen. "America!" is one tune that will not be misappropriated; take it at straight-up face fuckin' value as a new type of national anthem!

Oh wait, how you gonna see it? It's not premiering here, but rather on th' latest (4th) episode of "Friday Night Somewhere," come on!

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