posted July 14th, 2011

UPDATE: Sirius XM Outlaw Country DJ Steve Earle celebrates the late, great Mickey Newbury and the release of the new box set "An American Trilogy" on his "Hardcore Troubadour Radio" show on Saturday 9 pm ET and replaying on Sunday 9 am ET. Tune In!

Aha, remember when Waylon Jennings had a TV show? Remember what TV is? This was way back in 1995, back when dial-up was still a thing. Back then, when we still needed tangible media. Life was slower back then and that's what made guys like Waylon and Willie and Mickey Newbury and all the old honky-tonk heroes. But thank goodness archives are stored in the ether now, and we can find amazing footage like the following, of Mickey Newbury singing "Sweet Memories" on Jennings' show.

Great timing too, as we're pert near 'bout to release a simpler, more affordable version of the Mickey Newbury An American Trilogy CD Box set. Yeah, we sold out of the limited edition box sets, cause that's what we do. But it's unlike us to put limits on things in demand, so we're making sure to give the general population proper attention with a version for everyone. Yes, for everyone who's either less in-the-know, poorer, has decision-making anxieties, or simply has slow reflexes and failed to pick up the specially packaged edition while they could. Anyway, stay tuned here to Drag City and be prepared for when we unveil the revamped, 2nd edition Mickey Newbury An American Trilogy 4xCD Box set sometime within the next few weeks!

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