posted July 15th, 2011

Now that the audiobook Victory Chimp, A Book has made it to the street from which it came, Neil Hagerty and his Howling Hex are cleaning up after the party that the last two years of research, recording and remixing represented - a sensible process, since revisiting this text meant unpacking two-plus decades of cultural detritus and reanimating certain aspects of the same in new disembodied forms to support the reading of the text (all by seasoned pros, don't worry). As we have raved and foamed already, this has built up to one hell of a one-of-a-kind audio book release that all forward-looking, -thinking and -listening types owe it to themselves to jam at the next possible chance. But back to Hagerty and the Hex - now that paintings, mixed media displays and other things have been utilized for the graphics of this project, they're just taking up room now! And so what better than to auction them off to this world's best and highest bidder? It's all going down on ebay, one new item posted per day.

Starting small, with a "mere" unicorn jawbone - but with a friendly starting price of 99 cents, you can't not bid!

Everything that will be posted eventually can be previewed on the Howling Hex site now.

Help the Hex get ready for the next phase and clear some of yesterday's art out of the garage, huh?