posted July 20th, 2011

Sophia Knapp just can't sit still! Must have something to do with the weird weather we've been having this year, huh? It's really hard to say; we're having trouble determining what's up from down, what's real and what's a mirage... where is the horizon, anyway? Can it be reached? Are we at its precipice? Wow, today just got scary.. but fear not, friend! One month removed from the latest Cliffie Swan release, Memories Come True, Sophia Knapp brings us back from the brink with the video debut of her soloistic leap, "Nothing To Lose!" We see it here, for the first time, cooling our eyes with its nighttime imagery and warming us up with its wine-soaked dreaminess. The "Nothing To Lose" 7" is all gone from DCHQ, so pick it up in your local shop, OK? Otherwise, you can still jam it cyber-style on FLAC or MP3 from our web store. If this single and video are any indication of what's to come from Sophia's debut full-length, due in the near future, then color us hyper-excited! Until then, stay cool and enjoy the tune with a view, "Nothing To Lose."

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