posted July 22nd, 2011

Hey man, it's Friday, so it's pretty obv you're spending yer nite inside, watching the boob toob. Can't fool us! Now that we've proven to know you so well, listen up: the only shit worth watching is Ty Segall on FUEL TV this eve! Boioioioing! Hey, whose boner is that? Whatever. Uh huh, Ty Segall makes TV history at 11PM tonight on the adrenalized cable/satellite station, ripping through tuneage from his latest and greatest longplayer, Goodbye Bread. What will he wear? Will he have a new haircut? Who's playing with him? What fucking song(s) will he play? It really don't matter, so long as we all experience what everyone and their other mother need to experience: Ty Segall live in your mf'n living room!!

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