posted July 26th, 2011

When we unearthed the rare shaving of American hardcore that is the Crisis of Conformity 7", we knew we'd really scraped the bottom of the slam-dance anthems barrel. Let's face it, the 80s scene was ripe with spikey, straight-edge, cookie-cutter bull-shit. Most of the good schtuff has long been issued, reissued and remastered ad nauseum! We were semi-confident in the sounds, but you never know... Happily, the first Crisis of Conformity pressing sold out in a week, reaffirming our blown out eardrums still recognize a dense batch of jams when we hear one - go 'head and piss that into your gene pool, Henry Garfield! The second pressing just arrived and is available here, now, on our web site. Grab one for you and your grand-kid, pops! Want more? OK! We now present to you the only known Crisis Of Conformity interview, pulled from the archives of reputable punk 'zine, FL Stabbings! Click on it:

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