posted July 28th, 2011

Hey cowboy - where you goin'? You don't know, you're just living for today. Can't even remember what happened to you back in May, can you? Think real hard...."Yesterday's gone and it's better forgotten," is that what you heard? You're getting warm, but don't believe everything you hear sung. That lyric that's guiding your life right now is from the one and only Mickey Newbury, whose music we're working to revive (alongside the great good people of Saint Cecelia Knows). Back in May, we unveiled the ultra-deluxe box set called An American Trilogy, collecting three of Mickey's finest albums (Looks Like Rain, 'Frisco Mabel Joy, Heaven Help The Child) along with a bonus disc called Better Days, chock-full of rarities, demos and a straight-up classic or two you Mickey fans had never even heard before. All of this was mastered from tapes for the first time since the original albums were issued in 1969, 1971 and 1973 respectively. Fortunately, we did vinyl versions of everything (each for sale separately), because those fancy CD boxes sold out in the blink of an eye. Well, a matter of weeks anyway - so, a hundred-million blinks of an eye? It was fast, that's for sure. Anyway, here we are on the cusp of the hottest August in 33 years (at least, that's what it feels like) and once again, we're thankfully spreading the curtain to reveal An American Trilogy for a second round, this time at a wildly reduced price. Of course, with great price reductions comes great packaging cuts: it's not a box set this time around and there's a couple less bells and fewer whistles (shorter booklet and no map, essentially). Don't worry, this is in no way some kind shitty bargain-bin budget buzzkill - this is ALMOST as deluxe and very awesome in its own way. Housed in a beautiful (and oh-so-sturdy) ten-panel cardboard fold-out wallet, along with a 28-page booklet... this is one for the ages. Well, another one for the ages. These discs are hot off the press and ready to roll your way right now - exclusively via your friendly neighborhood Drag City mailorder for the next few weeks until everyone else gets their copies into circulation. Don't bother whining, just get to buying: some of the finest music of Mickey Newbury's always-fine career is available on compact disc once again! An American Trilogy is back!