posted July 29th, 2011

Who says there are no second acts in American entertainment? Not Carol Kleyn, that's for sure! Exhilarated by the reissue of her self-released 1976 album Love Has Made me Stronger (now available in every going format except cassette), Carol's hitting the road to play some shows and sell some records just like she did in the old days - literally! There are no club shows booked and Carol will be playing outside for the local population with no discrimination. Of course, they didn't have Twitter in the old days, but we can't have everything that was it was in the "have a nice" days of yore. So keep your Twitter feed tuned to Drag City as we announce Carol's exact location and performance time!

Until then, please know that Carol Kleyn will be playing her harp and singing her songs near the following locations on the following dates:

7/31 Sawdust Festiva/Laguna Beach, CA

8/1 - Venice Beach, CA

8/2 - Ojai, CA

8/3 - Santa Barbara, CA

8/4 - Big Sur, CA

8/5 - Santa Cruz, CA

8/6 - San Francisco, CA

8/7 - Mountain View Festival (lawn)/Mountain View, CA

8/8 - Eugene or Portland, OR

8/13 - Vashon Island, WA