posted September 1st, 2011

If you're big in Brazil, it stands to reason you ought to be big just about anywhere - after all, there are only a few countries bigger than Brazil scattered around our globe. Alas, size don't really work this way - not when talking country-size anyway. And anyway, Drag City artists are not exactly "big" in Brazil, which is too bad, since it's also one of the grandest countries on earth as well. We just found at that somebody knows who we are down there, and that's good news - especially when that somebody works for MTV! The other good news is that MTV still matters to the Brazilians. We were pleased to discover this when the legendary (again, in Brazil) program Goo paid a special, unsolicited visit to DCHQ recently for an interview feature! Yes, for once Drag City opened it's compound for something other than sustenance and those with proper pass-codes; no, we didn't venture outside the walls ourselves, but at least video was taken to document the occasion!

For the lusophone-speaking out there, this will be a blast. For those that don't, consider it an immersion class! Watch as our head of staff and sales takes the lovely Gaía Passarelli (MTV Brasil VJ at large and host of Goo) around the digs, answers her pertinent questions, and reveals some of the realities - both awesome ones and the bumskies - of this seedy thing we call a business. This clip is spreading like wild-fire in Sud America, how bout some northerners taking notice, huh? Or Easterners? Not too many Chinese coming through these doors. Come one, come all! We're constantly building the Drag City Bridge - and could use a hand!

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