posted September 13th, 2011

What strange crop doth the Indian summer season harvest? Behold - our soil births a living song or three! And just any old living music, but Bonnie 'Prince' Billy meats, fresh, pink and raw, just how you likes 'em! These first golden(-pink) fruit(-meat)s are yours for the swiping: "Quail & Dumplings," a digital-only single! If you haven't guessed, it guess it up now - "Quail & Dumplings" is from that extremely forthcoming Wolfroy Goes to Town album, the new Bonnie 'Prince' Billy soiree that will be occuring on LP/CD/and digital of course. As a bonus, some type of Bon-roid additive cultivated 2 (that's right, two) non-LP tracks as a "b-side," woot! What more can you ask for on this drab, otherwise nondescript Tuesday? How about more Bonnie-talk:

Determined to forge his own scrappy sonic path, Billy invented a brand new musical note out of just a bottle cap, a sack of raisins and a lawnmower engine, all held together with dried duck sauce and twine..Dr. Prince-Billy's music demands that the listener climb directly into his own heart and sniff every cranny until finding the one cranny fit to be anointed King Of Crannies and then scrape up that cranny and carry it home in his CrannyBag© (sold separately).

Pick up the single here, today, and stay prepared for when Wolfroy Goes To Your Town!

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