posted September 19th, 2011

We're accustomed to talking up Laetitia Sadier tours, even though they always seem to happen far away in exotic locales like Tel Aviv, Israel or Krakow, Poland. Laetitia's trip, and songs from her album The Trip, appeals to lots of folks all over the planet, you know? Thankfully, we recently discovered we're all on the same planet (so naturally got ourselves a desk in London)! Such revelations also allow us the trippy privilege of finally seeing Laetitia live, here in th' good ol' US of states, on her first proper USA tour since the The Trip's release (pert' near a whole year ago)!

Some additional shows are still developing, and once they're fully-developed you'll hear from us,but meantime, Laetitia is stepping into high gear stateside this very week! You may note, most of them are on a bill with a band called Beirut. There's nothing we can do about that 'cept get our asses there early to make sure we get all the Laetitia Sadier that she (and the venue)'s willing to give. You do the same, OK? What the fuck else you gonna do? Unplug yourself from your intravenous The Trip intake (we know you're spiking it with hits of Monade and Stereolab, anyhow) and experience un-virtual reality for once!

9/21/11 Terminal 5 New York NY w/ Beirut
9/22/11 Terminal 5 New York NY w/ Beirut
9/25/11 The Abbey Pub Chicago IL w/ Sam Prekop
9/26/11 Congress Theatre Chicago IL w/ Beirut
9/28/11 Fillmore Auditorium Denver CO w/ Beirut
10/4/11 Greek Theatre Los Angeles CA w/ Beirut
10/7/11 Convention Center Santa Fe NM w/ Beirut
10/13/11 Mercury Lounge New York NY

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