posted September 30th, 2011

If you've been to a show lately, odds are that show has been a Ty Segall show. Didn't notice? We can't hardly believe it, on account of you being such a liar! You like to make yourself a big man by pretending you weren't rocked with fury when you saw Ty - big man! But like a feel-good parasite, Ty's latched hisself onto the 'mellican rock conscience - and admit it or not, you're all suckling from his giving teet! So much so, he's had to add teets here n' there, like the secret show-teet happening this Sunday in Chicago at Treasure Town! Starts bout 8PM, with Mikal Cronin, Human Eye and Heavy Times opening, but that's all we's can tell ya! No worries if you can't make it from loserville - the afterparty-afterbirth will surely look something like this: Behold! The brand new video from Ty Segall, "Goodbye Bread," from international hit record, Goodbye Bread!

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