posted October 6th, 2011

Justa couple days ago, Tuesday October 4th to be exact, Wolfroy came in every town - jah mon, the new Bonnie Prince Billy album, Wolfroy Goes To Town hit record shelves across America! And if you happen to live in one of the fine human town-zones known as Atlanta, Birmingham, Cheyenne, Kansas City, Memphis, New Orleans, Omaha or Richmond, then you're lucky 'nuff to see a hot new late night mini-epic featuring our Bonny-pink friend, Wolfroy! 'Cause Drag City & Bonny Billy have taken to the graveyard shift airwaves once again (you may remember previous co-ventures spearheaded by Tim & Eric and Sir Neil Hamburger): this time, we've enlisted brave soldiers like Cartoon Network, Animal Planet, MTV & FX to handle our BPB commercial wad, so stay up late, keep those eyes peeled and catch this bitch while you can!

ALSO! Our Boy is on the road RIGHT NOW:

10/6/11 The Soapbox Wilmington NC w/ Phantom Family Halo
10/9/11 The Clifton Center Louisville KY w/ Phantom Family Halo
10/18/11 Epicerie Moderne Lyon France
10/19/11 Rockstore Montpellier France
10/20/11 Cafe Antzokia Bilbao Spain with El Hijo
10/21/11 Joy Eslava Madrid Spain with El Hijo
10/22/11 Auditorio Expo Coruna A Coruna Spain with El Hijo
10/23/11 CC Vila Flor Guimaraes Portugal
10/24/11 Teatro Maria Matos Lisboa Portugal
10/26/11 Mirror Valencia Spain with El Hijo
10/27/11 Casino Alianca Barcelona Spain with El Hijo
10/28/11 I Boat Bordeaux France
10/29/11 Chapelle Saint-Jacques Vendomes France with Alasdair Roberts
10/30/11 Le Lieu Unique Nantes France
11/1/11 Le 106 Rouen France with Alasdair Roberts
11/2/11 Aeronef Lille France with Alasdair Roberts
11/3/11 Le Trianon Paris France with Alasdair Roberts