posted November 1st, 2011

NEVERENDLESS flames on and on - and not by definition, either! CAVE continues to run olympic-style across this green Earth with a blazing torch, racing for victory and the light of spirit, knowledge, and life. Heavy shit, doode! Well, heavy music at least. Heavy, but lean, too - no fat, no flab, just a muscular slab replete with sinewy hypnotics of the rhythmic and sonic varieties. This tour is a massive continuation of the tour that's already been underway all fall, seemingly NEVERENDLESSly. Anyway, we're not just gonna hang some tour-date tattooed-dick on ya (if only it were that simple) - we wanna bring something heftier to the news feed. Like how about some stimulating visuals for a change Drag City, you ask? Can do! Get down with the latest, sensual NEVERENDLESS video offering, "Adam Roberts," created by Isaac Sherman. And get down with some live CAVE while the seasons change, ok? Just cause Halloween's over don't mean you vampires and zombies can't get outta your local coffins and graves anymore. We're looking at you, Madison, WI. CAVE's coming for you, baby - you're first blood!

11/5/11 Public House Milwaukee WI w/ Running
11/6/11 Mickey's Madison WI w/ Running
11/7/11 Empty Bottle Chicago IL w/ Running
11/8/11 Medusa Minneapolis MN w/ Running
11/9/11 The Cave (Carleton College) Northfield MN w/ Running
11/10/11 House San Francisco CA w/ Running
11/11/11 Mojo's Columbia MO w/ Running
11/12/11 Replay Lounge Lawrence KS
11/13/11 Further Shoppe Denver CO
11/14/11 Club Dada Salt Lake City UT
11/16/11 Hot Tub House Olympia WA
11/17/11 The Comet Seattle WA
11/18/11 Cabin Tavern Bellingham WA
11/19/11 East End Portland OR
11/23/11 House San Francisco CA
11/24/11 Thanksgiving House Oakland CA w/ Jealousy
11/25/11 Hemlock Tavern San Francisco CA w/ Jealousy
11/26/11 Pioneer Warehouse Santa Cruz CA w/ Jealousy
11/28/11 Pehrspace Los Angeles CA w/ Jealousy
11/29/11 Permanent Records Los Angeles CA w/ Jealousy
11/29/11 The Satellite Los Angeles CA w/ Sun Araw
12/1/11 Tin Can Alehouse San Diego CA
12/2/11 Yucca Tap Room Tempe AZ
12/3/11 Solar Culture Tucson AZ
12/5/11 Bryan Street Tavern Dallas TX
12/6/11 Mohawk Inside Room Austin TX
12/7/11 Fitzgerald's Houston TX
12/8/11 Frankie's Lafayette LA
12/9/11 Siberia New Orleans LA
12/10/11 TBD Memphis TN

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