posted November 3rd, 2011

You got a busy couple days coming up. Let's see...empty your pools and take some runs; practice your grindage, but don't bail and nut yourself before heading out tomorrow to catch the premiere of DRAGONSLAYER in New York at Cinema Village! Hell yeah, Dragonslayer is the second film Drag City has offered to the theaters, following Harmony Korine's marginalizing Trash Humpers, and it's about to blow up. Racking up awards left and right (Best Documentary, SXSW 2011; Best Documentary, Hot Docs) and featured in the New York Times, Dragonslayer is an intimate portrait of 23-year-old Skreech Sandoval and his navigation through a world of backyard swimming pools, international skate competitions, romance, road trips, doober and parties, beautifully shot and scored: coming of age in a desolate wasteland, just the way you like it. And fear not, Americans. This is no 1% operation - New York won't be the only city playing your new favorite film, Dragonslayer! They're just doing it first - nothing new there! Then afta, it's coming your west coast, southwest, mountain west, and midwest ways, too. We spread it out like we spread the love - all over your face! Check out when Dragonslayer's to your li'l village, below:

11/4/11 Cinema Village New York NY
11/5/11 Chinese 6 (AFI) Los Angeles CA
11/11/11 Downtown Independent Los Angeles CA
11/18/11 The Filmbar Phoenix AZ runs through Nov.27
11/18/11 Roxie Cinema San Francisco CA
11/25/11 Texas Theatre Dallas TX
11/29/11 The Trylon Minneapolis MN
12/2/11 Northwest Film Forum Seattle WA
12/2/11 Hollywood Theatre Portland OR
12/2/11 The Charles Theatre Baltimore MD
12/2/11 Pickford Film Center Bellingham WA
12/6/11 The Trylon Minneapolis MN
12/9/11 Palm Theatre San Luis Obispo CA
1/13/12 The Loft Cinema Tucson AZ
1/27/12 Cleveland Museum of Art Cleveland OH
1/29/12 Cleveland Museum of Art Cleveland OH

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