posted November 8th, 2011

Fresh off multiple hometown shows celebrating the September release of her newest batch of jams, Disturbing The Air, AZITA's set to ditch Chicago for a little southern comfort - of the Italian variety! Yes, taking care of business is what AZITA does best (piano and LPs in tote), but rarely does she get to do it in other towns, let alone other hemispheres. Disturbing The Air is a slow burning pop record replete with choice experimentation; but fear not, amici, AZITA's no guastafesta - she'd love to have a bottle of vino with any and all of you. Four dates in Italy total, shaken up in the middle by a little wing unto London Town for a saintly night at Cafe OTO! All we can ask is that this little European tour won't be the last for AZITA. But why treat it otherwise? Make a statement, make it to the AZITA show nearest you, vicini!

11/10/11 Miles Davis Jazz Club Napoli, Italy
11/11/11 Filanda Motta Mogliano Veneto (TV), Italy
11/12/11 Time Zones Bari, Italy
11/13/11 Cafe OTO London, United Kingdom
11/17/11 Vintage Cafè Sassari (Sardinia), Italy

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