posted November 9th, 2011

Last month Wolfroy went to town. Did you hear it? Dare we ask for a physical description? Nah, Wolfroy looks like you - that’s how mahfucka sneaks ‘round. But we want to see it, like, see you as you see you.

Here’s the deal: You send us a self-portrait and we’ll pick the best ones, turn it into a special pink t-shirt and mail it back to you. And kind man that he is, Bonnie Prince Billy will sign a poster and send you a lyric book along with the shirt. We’ll post 'em online, too, why not.

Some things to consider:

Your face is fucked, man. Your ears are pointy, your nose is jacked, you got a split lip and we’re pretty sure you weren’t born with dark circles under your eyes. The particles of life-sucking moon dust or the shit that’s in those chem-trails are partly to blame, but mostly it’s because we pretend to be trash cans. And cheers to that, kids! Celebrate the mashed potato that is you.

You are not a wolf, wolves cannot draw.

Include your t-shirt size and an address we can send the t-shirt to if you win.

You will not get anything sent back to you if you don’t win. If you win, you will know you’ve won when we tell you. Don’t call and ask if you’ve won. Just win.

No purchase necessary, but consider it.

Remember, it’s gonna be on a t-shirt so size the thing accordingly.

If you can’t answer the question on your own, we don’t know either.

You have until Thanksgiving to get it here, go on then.

Send materials to: Drag City
attn: Self-Portrait Contest
P.O. Box 476867
Chicago, IL 60647

Thanks, people.

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