posted November 10th, 2011

Listen up, Los Angeles - you're the heartless soul of pool skating! Dragonslayer is so much like you, it's about you. The film, winner of numerous documentary awards this year, officially opens in theaters this Friday, November 11, at the Downtown Independent. You want early tix? We know you do. Go get 'em here. All you late night fucks should note: there's a bangin' after-party planned, complete with BEER. BANDS. And probably BONGS. There better be BONGS. Why wouldn't there be BONGS? Because there'll be an appearance by Skreech Sandoval, the focus and star of Dragonslayer, and he's never met a BONG he couldn't clear. So whey dat aftashow at? SPREAD SKATESHOP. 269 Los Angeles St (@ 3rd). Make it happen, make it real. Make it to Dragonslayer at the Downtown Independent, catch the afterglow at the after-party, and see the film again the next day. Or any and everyday for the next week. Fuck real life, you can live it without having to participate just by watching Dragonslayer. That's what you'd prefer anyway, right? Date and times for the commencement of your new life are as follows:

Fri 11/11: 8, 10pm
Sat 11/12: 6, 8pm
Sun 11/13: 7, 9pm
Mon 11/14: 5, 10pm
Tue 11/15: 5, 7pm
Wed 11/16: 4, 6pm
Thu 11/17: 3:30, 5:30pm

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