posted November 15th, 2011

Winter takes form in mysterious ways; we like the way that involves music being played by, with, and for people. Like-mindedly, Scout Nibblet is on the same dang astral plane (we wouldn't have it any other way! We like sharing planes). The girl's got a rhythm of shows happening pert near the end of November and continuing on into the month of December, covering the whole West Coast. Coolly heeding the approaching solstice, Scout keeps it tightly wound by ending on the first day of Mercury's dreaded retrograde. Not one to harbor fear for 2012 theories, she'll pick it up again in the new year over in the German-Swiss region of Europe, riding on- how she do- before sitting down to record a new long player.

Speaking of how she do, if you go the show, you'll likely have an almost frighteningly intimate experience, sort of like being ushered into a space between her lungs and heart while she emotes. It's warm; hot even, with lots of blood and guts but something very organic and essential - like you'll see if you watch this video made by the talented folks at Into the Woods. Scout'll be touring with a drummer and even a bassist, but she might just take up the stix for a song, should the mood overcome her. If she does, she does - if not, she'll bring it with an equally sensitive and forceful touch on the guitar and of course, her peerless vocals. Don't miss on this un-silent nights...

11/30/11 The Capitol Theater Olympia WA w/ Chris Brokaw & Curious Mystery
12/1/11 The Comet Tavern Seattle WA w/ Chris Brokaw & Curious Mystery
12/2/11 Sam Bonds Eugene OR w/ Chris Brokaw
12/3/11 The Alternative Cafe Seaside CA w/ Matthew Hable
12/4/11 Sanctuary Santa Monica CA
12/5/11 Soda Bar San Diego CA w/ Picastro
12/6/11 Handbag Factory Los Angeles CA
12/7/11 Vitus Oakland CA
12/8/11 Hemlock Tavern San Francisco CA w/ Picastro
12/10/11 Mississippi Studios Portland OR w/ Picastro

1/10/12 Hafenklang Hamburg Germany
1/11/12 Oetinger Villa Darmstadt Germany
1/12/12 Schuur Lucerne Switzerland
1/13/12 Franz Mehlhose Erfurt Germany
1/14/12 King Georg Cologne Germany

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