posted November 28th, 2011

Holidays are here! And somewhere between the string of lights you're using to asphyxiate yourself to ex-tasty and your subtle degradation of mom’s turkey baster lies a record shopper at heart and in hand. Leave it to Drag City to give you everything you need without leaving your internet.

A winter-white spray of December releases are available for premature ordering right now from this very site!

Wilson Semiconductors from The Howling Hex!

The complete Groovy catalog- Pete Shelley, Sally Smmit and Her Musicians, Free Agents, and Strange Men in Sheds With Spanners- reissued on 4 LPs!

And fuck leftovers this week, our November pilgrims are still available for your 2nd helping of stuffing this time on Black Friday. We’re talkin’ 200 Years, Carlos Paredes, Dwarr, and the ready-for-wrapping-paper Royal Trux box set. Win yourself out of that tangled mess (squeeze then pull) with a stocking full of Drag City goodies, priced to move!

Artists in this story: Dwarr, 200 Years, Carlos Paredes, Pete Shelley, Sally Smmit and her Musicians, Strange Men in Sheds With Spanners, Free Agents