posted December 5th, 2011

You've seen the bootlegs, heard the covers, and caught wind of the legend. Some Kiwi-born guitar-slinger mysteriously called Jesse Harper who could bend strings like his hair was on fire, who suffered the pitfalls of managerial mishaps and couldn't get a deal for his white-hot album, who turned to Krishna-consciousness and migrated to India, never to be heard from again; sound familiar? It's a rock n' roll chronicle covering 40 years, and it's finally getting proper due, when Drag City releases Doug Jerebine is Jesse Harper in January, 2012! You see, Jesse Harper was the nom-du-plectrum for Doug Jerebine, the real-life riff-machine who made the "Jesse Harper album" back in 1969, and baby, he's back, yeah! Transferred from one of the only existing original acetates, Doug Jerebine handed in his album for proper release to the label most fit to do so - Drag MF'n City!

Not only that, but the man's back from India and currently on the shred, making new music and playing shows where they'll have him. They'll have him a lot more places once this LP hits the streets - is Jesse Harper is a perfectly realized testament from the late 60s, a record that bubbles psychedelically and defines itself with a fuzzy haze of dripping guitar leads backdropped against strident and arpeggiated riffs, chords, and slabs of rhythm. Cohesively intertwined with spiritual perspectives and memorable choruses, is Jesse Harper’s songs reach that universal plane so often sought after but rarely discovered on record. Doug Jerebine is Jesse Harper- get ready, heads, January is right round the corner!

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