posted December 8th, 2011

Things make sense all the time. Then they totally don’t. We know why they make sense but then again we don’t know why they don’t when they don’t. That’s super confusing to us, but it's cool ‘cause it's only a half time problem. Not like half time at the super bowl, more like half of a whole. As in 50%...if you’re using 100% as the whole, then 50% would be half. And if you're giving 110% (which is our normal expenditure of effort around the office), then 55% percent is your half effort. We can do this! So then, if we're using infinity as the…fuck…OK, so the boss always says if we’re ever in the position where we mention the word infinity we totally have to stop talking. But we can’t help it, man! We just watched the new Ty Segall video and it is fucking nuts-on-dope if dope were a marshmallow Cadillac (and nuts was dope). And we just want to tell you about it, cause “Where Your Head Goes” is the song and we always wondered where it goes. Our head, ya know? We always thought that there's got to be some infinity in that equation in the end - but the video freaks out the answer in a heartbeat, like Magic Johnson on the hard wood. Which brings us back to things make sense/things don’t make sense: Ty and co. are rocking hard these days/Ervin’s still alive these days. Right? Half of that makes perfect fucking sense. Maybe medicine's come a long way, right? But rock's come farther. Check out "Where Your Head Goes" and see.

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