posted December 22nd, 2011

Ever wonder what AZITA sounds like with a British accent? Us too! So we were pleased as punch when she winged on over to London to jam not only live in the clubs, but also on the radio, allowing us (and more importantly, YOU, right?) to electronically eavesdrop on her singing and playing like the bird (of prey) that she is. Resonance FM's Arctic Circle Radio program had the honor of hosting AZITA on the head-crushingly early side of a Monday morning back in November (anyone ever hear of jet-lag?, c'mon!), just as she was leaving Cafe Oto from her performance the night before.

While her British accent sounds remarkably like her American accent, it's a sweet dive into the inner worlds of AZITA, as she performs and explicates with fine detail many aspects of her Disturbing The Air recording process (Recording voice and piano ain't as easy as it sounds, people!). Shit, this performance is on a whole 'nother level (I know - gasp!), displaying her ability to improve constantly in all phases of her talent as she goes forward through time and space. AZITA wrapped up 2011 nicely with a bunch of shows all over this green Earth, on this and that side of the pond. If you missed out on your opportunity to see her, this little gift's for you - listen to AZITA on Arctic Circle Radio! And if you want to improve in your own time and space, you'll look for AZITA in the 2012, adding to the world's rich cultural history with her own impeccable take on pop music.

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